Bible Class Schedule - Singing

Children LOVE to sing!  Happily, they learn through their songs.  There are many favorite Bible songs that teach Bible truths that could be sung every week because children, especially young children, love repetition. Perhaps a few of these weekly songs could include ones that promote memory work.  Are you able to write songs of your own that can reinforce that day's lesson?  It is nice to make up new words to familiar tunes.  Try it!  See if you can add to your talents!

During this short 5-minute period of singing (Ephesians. 5:19; Colossians. 3:16), it is helpful to encourage songs that support the lesson or at least save the last song to lead into the Bible lesson.  You will be able to find original songs on this blog as well as old childhood favorites.   

*Special Note:  Are you a mother, grandmother, or aunt?  What opportunities you have to teach your children!  While you are washing dishes or folding clothes, sing to your small ones!  Listen to them as they learn the words and join in with you...or even better, listen when they sing the songs you have taught them!