Setting Up A Bible Classroom #1

Helpful Items For A Bible Classroom

Yes, it is true.  Prior to the 1960’s, Bible teachers were unique.  Without modern technology, magic markers, or Ellison die-cuts, teachers of children’s Bible classes created their own Bible class material, held the attention of small, assorted children for at least an hour, and they did their job well!  The children learned and remembered the lessons for many, many years with the help of these dedicated, Bible-filled men and women.  May we be so motivated!

Appreciating those simple times in the past, just think of what we can accomplish with everything we have available to us now!  Over the years, I have found the items listed below helpful in Bible classes.  Are all these items required in order to teach the Bible?  Definitely not, but they are absolutely helpful.  Perhaps you will find this list beneficial as well.

*Bibles for all students                         *White board
*White bond paper                               *White board markers
*Crayons                                               *Eraser
*Pencils with erasers                           *Book tape
*Construction paper                             *Scotch tape
*Scissors-teacher/students                 *Stapler
*Glue sticks                                           *Staples
*Elmer’s All Purpose glue                    *Round fasteners
*White chalk                                          *Colored chalk
*Colored butcher paper                        *Bulletin board borders
*Attendance charts                               *Maps
*Songbooks                                          *Table
*Chairs                                                  *Bookshelf
*Small cupboard with doors                 *Chalkboard
*Heater/Fan (if needed)                       *Clock
*Yardstick                                              *Stickers