Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What To Do Between Themes #1 Replenish Supplies

As we leave Genesis behind and look forward to Exodus, we have a short period of time to plan and observe. Now is a good time to evaluate our room's needs and our supplies.

Let's take a look around the classroom.  Is there anything that physically needs to be fixed? Any furniture problems? Do you still have too much furniture in the room? Take it out! Children need room to learn! Are all of the legs on the chairs and are the tables at the right height? How are the walls holding up? Any marks, holes, or disfigurements that need cleaning or patching? Is there dried glue and crayon marks on the tables? This is your room and your tables where your cleaning talents should make things shine! Are there dated papers on the walls? Take a look in your supply cabinet. Do you need to replenish the paper, glue, crayons, or markers? Are there extra Bibles in the room for the hopeful visitors? Take a look at your students' Bibles. Do they need some attention? Perhaps a little book tape here or there might help. Have you decided to make "Songs We Sing In Bible Class" song books? Now is the time to prepare.

Does your room look as attractive and organized as you can make it? A good exercise is to go outside your classroom, close your eyes, and walk back in again. What did you see first? Did the room look organized and cared for? Did you see items in the room that would make visitors such as parents KNOW that the Bible was taught in this room? Nothing without a 'biblical' purpose should be in your Bible classroom. Anything that takes from the importance of God's Word should be considered a 'distraction.' These thoughts might seem like trivial matters, but they are more important than one might think!