Sunday, March 15, 2015

Words Of Encouragement Along the Way #19 - "My Turn Is Almost Over!"

Have you ever heard someone say, "My turn is almost over!" This sentence is usually said with a great sigh and feigned, dramatic gestures. Sometimes it is said at the end of a teacher rotation after teaching Bible class for a few months. Many times, it is said at the end of a Vacation Bible School. From hearing this statement, the one listening interprets what they hear in one of three ways: The Bible teacher is overwhelmed with teaching the Bible, the Bible teacher is exasperated with the students in the Bible class, or Bible teaching has not been a priority in the Bible teacher's life. Uttering such words is usually said by a teacher who fails to understand the reason for teaching the Bible, one who has not grown to their full potential as a Bible teacher, or, I am afraid to say, one who has been lazy and ill-prepared. May those words never pass through our lips in jest or sincerity!

Let us reflect. Do we know why we are teaching the Bible? Do we realize that teaching the Bible is one of the most important, influential tasks that we can personally undertake in our lifetime that has far-reaching results, even to future generations? Do we realize that God is watching us and knows when we are prepared to teach a class of tender hearts? Have we choreographed our class time? Are we lazy and indifferent? Are we praying before each Bible class, after each Bible class, and many times in between? 

There are many reasons why a Bible class teacher may be tired, exhausted, or dismayed in the other 167 hours of their week, but when the Bible teacher walks into the classroom to teach the Bible, they know that there are precious souls at stake, memorable Bible lessons to make come alive, and Bible truths to instill in young students to help them cope with the world in which they must live. They know that, as Bible teachers, they must do their very best in a short amount of time! 

So, may we pray to our Heavenly Father often, prepare our Bible lessons thoughtfully and prayerfully, take control of our classrooms, talk to our students' parents to form solid bonds that will only help our students, regain our passion in teaching the Bible, and go forward with Bible in hand and in heart. There are young, precious souls who are counting on us! Let us continue to study to understand the power of God's Word and the part that we play in furthering the Gospel. Teaching is, indeed, a privilege and an honor!