Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Words Of Encouragement #21 - A Greater Appreciation

For the past fourteen lessons, we have been studying about Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. Let us examine ourselves for a moment as 2 Corinthians 13:5 encourages us to do. 
  • Have we, as Bible teachers, learned anything new through this study? 
  • Have we re-learned 'old' things and now have a better grasp on the details? 
  • By studying a harmony of the Gospels (which only means we have taken all four of the Gospels--Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John--and have combined all the accounts on a certain event to get the whole picture), can we see through more enlightened eyes?
  • Do we have the right attitude as we study and learn?
Studying God's Word is never a waste of time or energy. We are never too young or too old to read and study God's Word. Reading the Bible keeps our minds alive, so we can distinguish right and wrong, good and evil (Hebrews 4:12), produces more faith (Romans 10:17), and gives us a greater appreciation for the beauty of God's Word and the power of His might (Ephesians 1:18-20). 

Reading in Psalms 119, we find a great chapter in this Old Testament book that teaches what our attitude should be towards God's Word. 
  • Are we hiding God's Word in our heart and meditating on it throughout the day (verses 11, 15)? 
  • Are we turning away from the vanity of this life and turning to God's Way (verse 37)?
  • Do we love God's laws (verse 97)? Are they sweet to our taste (verse 103)?
  • Are we using God's Word as a lamp to guide us along our journey in this wicked world (verse 105)?
  • Do we desire understanding (verse 130)? 
  • Do we stand in awe of God's Word (verse 161)?
So, how is our attitude? Do we grumble about the next week's lesson or do we look forward to opening up the Bible, having a greater appreciation of God's Word as we study? May we cling to God's Word and find great comfort the more that we read.