Sunday, August 9, 2015

Lesson - "Paul, Don't Go To Jerusalem!"

VERSES:   Acts 21:1-14

MEMORY VERSE:  Acts 21:14   "...the will of the Lord be done."

BOOK TO REMEMBER:  2 Peter.  Write "2 Peter" on small slips of paper for the students to take home and memorize.

PRAYER:  Let us always remember to pray to the Lord, asking Him for his protection and deliverance from difficult situations.

SPECIAL SONG:   This Little Light Of Mine (see March 2014 - Songs We Sing In Bible Class #3 on this blog. Click on orange circle to hear tune.)

VISUAL AID:   Bible map; Activity (see below)

  • Because of the jealousy of the Jews, there was always danger lurking about as Paul went from city to city, preaching and teaching about Jesus. The Jews might listen and tolerate Paul's words for a little while, but eventually, they would get angry and jealous and then want to hurt the apostle Paul. Paul, on the other hand, never let danger stop his preaching. He was a very brave man, a firm believer in Christ, and a great Gospel preacher.
  • After Paul had left Ephesus, he still had it in his mind that he wanted to go back to Jerusalem. Jerusalem was not very friendly towards Paul, and as Paul traveled to the city of Tyre, the disciples who were in Tyre tried to persuade him not to go to Jerusalem because of the danger. At the end of their stay in Tyre, all of the disciples traveled with Paul and his company down to the ship. They knelt down on the shore and prayed together. 
  • From Tyre, Paul and his companions sailed to Ptolemais for a day, where they greeted the disciples who lived there, and then they sailed on Caesarea where they stayed with Philip, the evangelist or preacher in that city.
  • After Paul and the disciples had stayed at Philip's house for many days, there was a prophet named Agabus who came down from Judea and met with Paul. When Agabus met Paul, he did something very strange! He took Paul's belt and tied up with his own hands and feet, saying whoever owned that belt would be tied up by the Jews in Jerusalem. Agabus was using the belt as a visual aid for telling what was going to happen in Paul's future! He was saying that Paul would be persecuted in Jerusalem. When the disciples heard what Agabus had to say, they strongly tried to convince Paul not to go to Jerusalem, but Paul would not be persuaded. Paul said that, not only was he ready to to suffer being bound and tied up, he was even ready to die in Jerusalem for the cause of Christ. Finally, when the disciples saw how determined Paul was to go, they said, "The will of the Lord be done," and they all headed for Jerusalem.
"Older Student" Tips:
  • Paul knew that danger was always waiting for him in whatever city he traveled to. Paul demonstrated his faith through his works (James 2:14-20) How faithful would we be today if we knew that danger and, possibly death, would be waiting for us if we would preach and teach about Jesus? How faithful would we be? Discuss.
  • Find Ephesus, Jerusalem, Tyre, Ptolemais, and Caesarea on the Bible map. Estimate the distance Paul and his company traveled.
ACTIVITY:   Don't Go!
Materials needed:  9" x 12" light green construction paper, crayons, marker.

  1. Hand out green paper.
  2. Fold paper in half.
  3. Without unfolding the paper, fold paper in thirds.
  4. Unfold paper.
  5. Fold paper again in thirds.
  6. Unfold paper.

  7. Trace on all lines, except in the top box. At the top of the paper, there should be one long empty 'box,' so the question can be written.
  8. In the one long empty 'box,' write "When Paul wanted to go to Jerusalem, what did the disciples say?"
  9. In the first column, write "Disciples In Tyre," "Disciples Traveling With Paul," "Disciples In Caesarea," "WHY?" and "Did Paul go to Jerusalem?" Write in different dark colors.
  10. In the second column, write "DON'T GO!" "DON'T GO!" "DON'T GO!" "DANGER!" and "YES!" all in red crayon.
  11. In the third column, write "Acts 21:4," "Acts 21:12," "Acts 21:12," "Acts 21:11," and "Acts 21:17" in corresponding colors with the first column. (See picture at top.)
  12. Reading across the page, ask questions, "Did everyone want Paul to go to Jerusalem?" (No)  What did the disciples in Tyre say to Paul? (Don't go!) What did the disciples traveling with Paul say to him? say to Paul? (Don't go!)  What did the disciples in Caesarea say to Paul? (Don't go!)  Why didn't any of the disciples want Paul to go to Jerusalem? (Danger) Did Paul go to Jerusalem? (Yes)  Questions may be folded to the back until answered.
  13. Note: By writing the verse that answers the questions in the third column, this reinforces the importance of "Book, Chapter, and Verse" proof that ALL Bible questions should require. This method can be used with all Bible lessons.