Sunday, September 13, 2015

Review - Paul's Journeys In Cups

Taking the time to review at the end of a book, a series of lessons, or a complicated topic can be of great help, especially to the serious Bible student. Having one more opportunity to cement the facts can help a student remember details for a long time. We have had over twenty lessons on Paul's journeys and have learned what happened on each journey along the way. Many things have happened to Paul--some good and some bad. It may be helpful at this time to review the main events, characters, and cities of these journeys to remember what we have learned. Perhaps the Activity below may be of benefit to your Bible students...and the Bible teacher!

VERSES:  Acts chapters 13-28


  • Paul's First Missionary Journey:   Read Acts 13:1-14:26
  • Paul's Second Missionary Journey:   Read Acts 15:36-18:22
  • Paul's Third Missionary Journey:  Read Acts 18:23-21:8
  • Paul's Journey To Rome:   Read Acts 23:23-28:16

ACTIVITY:  The Ultimate "Paul's Missionary Journey And To Rome" Review or Paul's Journeys In Cups
Materials needed:  Twenty 3" x 5" white index cards, markers, a pencil, four paper or plastic cups.

  1. On Cup #1:  Write, "Paul's #1 Missionary Journey."  (A permanent, black marker works well.)
  2. On Cup #2:  Write, "Paul's #2 Missionary Journey."
  3. On Cup #3:  Write, "Paul's #3 Missionary Journey."
  4. On Cup #4:  Write, "Paul's Journey To Rome."
  5. Set cups aside.
  6. Hand out 20 white index cards.
  7. On each card, write a question, event, character, or city, and the verse where the answer is found and which number or name of the journey Paul was on.
  8. The Way It Works:  Every student has four cups, a marker, a pencil, 20 white index cards, and a Bible. Using their Bibles, the students write a question, or character, or event, or city on a card. Also in small print on the same side of the card is the "Proof" (book, chapter, and verse), proving on which of Paul's journey that this particular event, character, or city happened. When everyone is finished writing, the students pair up, questioning each other, or, if desired, questioning themselves.
  9.  The "Question-Asker" is responsible for covering up the answer at the bottom of the card as they ask the question.
  10. All correct answers are placed in the correct cup and the number of points totaled at the end of the student's turn.
  11. At the end of class, stack up all four cups and place all index cards inside top cup.
  12. Encourage students to play "Paul's Journeys In Cups" with someone at home.

SPECIAL NOTES:  There is nothing wrong in having a difference in degree of question difficulty. Here is another example of this activity:

  • Divide up the questions into "Easy," "Not-So-Easy," "Serious Thinking,"  and "One Of The Most Difficult Questions Ever." 
  • Use a different color of index cards for each category. For example, all the "Easy" questions would be written on a white card, "Not-So-Easy" questions would be written on yellow index cards, "Serious Thinking" questions would be written on green index cards, and  "One Of The Most Difficult Questions Ever" questions would be written on pink index cards, so the student could choose which question they wanted to try.
  • Weigh each category with more points for the degree of difficulty. For example, 1 point for "Easy" questions, 3 points for "Not-So-Easy" questions, 5 points for "Serious Thinking" questions , and 10 points for "One Of The Most Difficult Questions Ever" questions.
  • Dividing groups up selectively may encourage more interest.

  1. Elymas, the sorcerer - Acts 13:6-12  First Journey
  2. John Mark went back home - Acts 13:13  First Journey
  3. Jews envious of Paul - Acts 13:45  First Journey // Acts 17:5  Second Journey 
  4. Paul and Barnabas called gods because they healed a crippled man - Acts 14:8-18  First Journey
  5. Paul and Barnabas disagree about taking John Mark - Acts 15:37-40  Second Journey
  6. Timothy - Acts 16:1-3  Second Journey
  7. The Macedonian Call - Acts 16:9-10  Second Journey
  8. Lydia and her household is baptized - Acts 16:14-15  Second Journey
  9. At midnight, Paul and Silas prayed and sang in prison - Acts 16:25  Second Journey
  10. The Philippian jailor is baptized - Acts 16:29-34  Second Journey
  11. "These that have turned the world upside down!" - Acts 17:6  Second Journey
  12. Berean Christians more noble than those in Thessalonica - Acts 17:11  Second Journey
  13. Paul on Mars' Hill - Acts 17:16-34  Second Journey
  14. Acquila, Priscilla, Paul are tentmakers  - Acts 18:3 Second Journey
  15. Crispus - Acts 18:8 Second Journey
  16. Apollos - Acts 18:24-28  Third Journey
  17. Demetrius, the silversmith - Acts 18:24  Third Journey
  18. Paul preached until midnight on the first day of the week - Acts 20:7  Third Journey
  19. Eutychus fell out the window - Acts 20:9  Third Journey
  20. The Ephesians cry as they say goodbye to Paul - Acts 20:36-38  Third Journey
  21. Agabus took Paul's belt and tied his hands up with it - Acts 21:10, 11  Third Journey
  22. The chief captain - Acts 21:32  Third Journey
  23. "Be of good cheer, Paul!" - Acts 23:11  Journey to Rome
  24. Felix  - Acts 23:24 Journey to Rome
  25. Festus - Acts 25:1  Journey to Rome
  26. King Agrippa - Acts 26:1  Journey to Rome
  27. "Almost thou persuadest me to become a Christian" - Acts 26:28  Journey to Rome
  28. The Fair Havens - Acts 27:8  Journey to Rome
  29. "Wished for the day" - Acts 27:29  Journey to Rome
  30. Shipwreck! -Acts 27:44  Journey to Rome
  31. Bitten by a deadly snake - Acts 28:3  Journey to Rome
  32. Melita - Acts 28:1  Journey to Rome
  33. Publius - Acts 28:7,8  Journey to Rome