Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bulletin Board - Noah

Being uncertain as to how to insert a blog in the middle of already 'blogged' blogs, I am adding a bulletin board into the mix every once in a while. It would be nice to have the Noah board located near the Lesson - Noah, but it looks like everything is entered by dates. Final decision: I am adding a bulletin board just like I do songs...whenever I have a new one!


SIZE:  12' X 8'

VERSE:  Genesis 6:8

  • 24' of dark blue shiny paper. I bought a 24" x 100' roll of Christmas wrapping paper. The price was about $20 and the paper will have later uses as well.
  • White butcher paper.
  • Charcoal chalk
  • Black index- approximately five 12" x 18" sheets, cut in 2" black strips (for border)
  • Red construction paper
  • White typing paper
  • 12' of clear lamination 
  • wood-textured wallpaper (for ark)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • staples
  • stapler
  • kleenex
  • lamination (optional, but it sure is nice!)
  • yardstick (always measure!!!)
  1. Crunch and squeeze white butcher paper with both hands.
  2. Loosely smooth out butcher paper.
  3. Staple 12' white butcher paper on wall.
  4. Using longest widest side of piece of charcoal, shade charcoal all over white paper until it is covered. Notice how nicely the "crunched" paper chalks.
  5. Rub in black charcoal with kleenex.  Might take a few tissues.
  6. Here is where I chose to laminate the white paper. Cut out and staple back on wall.
  7. Cut two 12' pieces of the dark blue paper and, layering, staple on wall. This is the water.
  8. I slowly tore the edge of the blue paper since it had a white backing. By doing this, it resembles small waves when I tuck the ark in between layers.
  9. Run 12' of clear lamination on laminating machine.
  10. Cut strips in lamination, leaving 2" solid at top
  11. Staple solid edge of lamination to top edge of charcoaled white butcher paper, so the lamination looks like rain.
  12. Staple black strips all around edge of bulletin board.
  13. Staple extra black strips 14" from bottom of dark blue paper or just below the 'rain.'
  14. Type questions and answers on white typing paper.
  15. Cut questions and answers into 7" x 7" squares.
  16. Fold red construction paper in half
  17. Glue questions on outside of folded paper.
  18. Glue answers inside of folded paper.
  19. Here is where I laminated the red paper to protect it from little hands.
  20. Staple red paper on the fold onto at the bottom of the bulletin board.
  21. Add title at top. I used "But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD."  Genesis 6:8. I added the verse as well. Proof is always good!
Here's extra pictures from different vantage points:

Simple questions, for example, "How many windows were in the ark?" "How many people were saved in the ark?" etc.  are printed on the outside of the folded red papers. Lift up the red and white covers and you find the answers. Interactive bulletin boards are fun for the students and reinforces the lesson.I always add a more challenging question to the one who has mastered the simple answers such as "How often had it rained before the flood?" (Gen 2:6)