Sunday, May 4, 2014

Lesson - How God Led The People Out Of Egypt

VERSES:   Exodus 13:17-22

MEMORY VERSE:   Exodus 21  "And the LORD went before them by in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light..."

BOOK TO REMEMBER:   Zephaniah.  Write "Zephaniah" on slips of paper and pass out at the end of class.  Recite the Old Testament books all together as a class. Singing The Books Of The Old Testament Books might be helpful. (See March - Songs We Sing In Bible Class #3.)

PRAYER:   Thank God for His care and keeping us safe. Thank Him for listening to us when we are scared or afraid and comforting us through His Word.

SPECIAL SONG:   Jesus Loves The Little Children (see February - Songs We Sing In Bible Class #2.)

VISUAL AID:   Bible Map, showing Egypt, the land of Canaan, the land of the Philistines, the Red Sea, and the wilderness.

  • After God had given the children of Israel instructions on how to remember His special day of the Passover and why to remember it, God chose not to lead the people through the land of the Philistines because the Philistines were fighting people. Going through the land of the Philistines was a lot closer to where they were going--which was the land of Canaan. The land of Canaan was also called 'the land that flowed with milk and honey.' God was aware that the people might be afraid to travel through a land where people were at war and would turn around and go back to Egypt. So, God chose to lead the people by way of the the wilderness of the Red Sea. Let's look at where these areas are on the map. (Point on map to areas.) When the people traveled by foot out of the land of Egypt, they did not panic and did not run here and there, the Bible says they were 'harnessed out of the land of Egypt,' meaning they were in orderly groups.
  • Moses also took something with him out of Egypt. Remember when Joseph died, Joseph made the children of Israel promise that when they left Egypt that they would take Joseph's bones with them. Joseph was convinced that God would surely visit them in Egypt and he wanted to make sure that when the people left, his bones would go with them. 
  • As the many, many people left in an orderly fashion out of Egypt, God was going to be the One to lead them. He led them in an unusual way:  In the daytime, He led them in a cloud, so they would know how and where to go. In the nighttime, He told them where to stop and gave them light with a pillar of fire. He did not take away the cloud in the daytime and did not take away the pillar of fire at night. God was always with them, watching over His people and protecting them. God always watches over the people who love Him and obey him.
  • Next time, we will see who is following God's people!
"Older Student" Tips:
  • Measure the distances between Egypt and the land of Canaan by traveling the two different ways: by way of the land of the Philistines and by way the of the wilderness. Which is farther?
ACTIVITY:  Cloud and Fire Flip
Materials needed:   7" x 10" red piece of construction paper, 6" x 9" yellow construction paper, 6" x 9" black construction paper, recycled materials like a shiny piece of orange or red paper (I used a empty potato chip bag) and a piece of cotton batting (I used an old white sock), glue, white crayon, black crayon, drinking straw, a piece of tape.

  1. On one side of yellow paper, tape straw in the middle with 5 inches off of the paper. This is the "DAY."
  2. Glue yellow paper to red paper (with straw side in the middle of the yellow and red paper). (see above picture.)
  3. On the blank side of the red paper, glue the black paper. This is the "NIGHT."
  4. Cut a pillar of fire out of the shiny orange paper.
  5. Glue shiny orange paper  in the middle of the black paper.
  6. Cut out a cloud out of a white fabric or cotton batting.
  7. Glue white fabric or cotton batting to yellow paper. (see above picture.
  8. Write "The LORD led the people by DAY by a cloud." and "Exodus 13"21" on the yellow paper.
  9. Write "The LORD led the people in the NIGHT by a pillar of fire to give them light." and "Exodus 13:21" on the black paper.
  10. By holding the straw in their hand, students may turn from "DAY" to "NIGHT" and "NIGHT" to "DAY," flipping from one side to the other.