Saturday, June 21, 2014

Extra Helps #2 - Pictures

Pictures always seem to make things more interesting!  Children like books with lots of pictures in them. Magazines make millions of dollars a year printing pictures. Even this blog is more appealing with pictures scattered here and there. So it is with pictures of your students in their Bible classroom. Parents may go overboard with scrapbooking and snapping their children's pictures in sports events, winning academic awards, or at home with Grandma and Grandpa, but do they have any record at all of their child's spiritual growth? "That is hard to capture" you might say and you may be right, but there is still a blank page in the memory book of Bible class.

How can we, as Bible teachers, help our students and their families remember their Bible learning times? We can take pictures! You may enjoy taking pictures of your students on their first day of Bible class and displaying them on their attendance charts or on a bulletin board. Or you might take pleasure in photographing students actually creating their Bible projects. Or perhaps a great photo opportunity might occur as the students finish their Books of the Bible recitations. 

It is nice when a picture is printed with two copies--one for the student to take home and one for the classroom wall. Another idea is to create a class book which might include pictures of the students doing their Bible work, talking with friends after class, or maybe a parent-student picture taken when the parent picks up their young child from Bible class.

It really does not matter when or how often a picture is taken. If a photo is taken only once, that is enough. The student will have a memory of Bible class that they can hold in their hand and remember their 'younger' days in Bible class where the Bible was taught.