Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lesson - Joshua, A New Leader

VERSES:   Joshua 1:1-18

MEMORY VERSE:   Joshua 1:6, 7, 9, 18    "Be strong and of a good courage..."

BOOK TO REMEMBER:   Philippians   Write "Philippians" on slips of paper and hand out to each child as they leave class.

PRAYER:   May we be strong and brave like Joshua, knowing that whatever we do and wherever we go, God is with us.

SPECIAL SONG:   The Books Of The Old Testament and The Books Of The New Testament (see March - Songs We Sing In Bible Class #3 on this blog).

VISUAL AID:   Whiteboard or chalk drawing of Joshua speaking. Write "Remember the word which Moses the servant of the LORD commanded you, saying, The LORD your God hath given you rest, and hath given you this land" at the top.

  • After Moses died, the LORD talked to Joshua. Remember Joshua was fighting the Amalekites when Aaron and Hur were holding up Moses' heavy hands (see May - Lesson - Moses' Heavy Hands on this blog), he was the one who walked up Mt. Sinai with Moses  (see May - Lesson - Moses Goes Up The Mountain on this blog), and he was also one of the twelve spies that went into the Land of Canaan to spy out the land (see May - Lesson - The Spies on this blog). Now, we find that God has chosen Joshua above all of the other Israelites to talk to, to give His commands and instructions to, and to trust to take the Israelites, His chosen people, to the Promised land. He told Joshua that Moses, His servant, had died, and to take His people over the Jordan River into the land that God had promised the children of Israel. God said that everywhere that Joshua walked was given to His people just like God had promised Moses. God told Joshua that no one in the land of Canaan would be able to stand up against Joshua, but Joshua had to be strong, very strong, and courageous! Remember when we learned when God said something one time, it was important, and when He said something twice, it was extremely important? God told Joshua to be strong and courageous FOUR times!! God really meant it, didn't He? Joshua needed to strong and courageous to lead the people.
  • First, He told Joshua to be strong and brave because Joshua was going to be the one to take the people into the Promised Land. 
  • Next, God said to be strong and courageous and be very careful to obey all the instructions and laws that Moses had given to Joshua. 
  • Next, He said to be strong and courageous because God was going to be with Joshua all the way, everywhere he went. 
  • Finally, God told Joshua to be strong and courageous because whoever would be a rebel and would not obey Joshua's words that God had given him, would die.
  • Joshua then talked to the people and told them to get ready because in three days the people were going to cross over the Jordan River and take the land that God had promised them! He reminded some of the people of the agreements concerning the dividing of the land that they had agreed to. All of the people said that wherever Joshua went, they would be right behind him. They said they listen to Joshua just like they had listened to Moses because the LORD was going to be with Joshua.
"Older Student" Tips:

  • Remind the students about Korah and how he and his friends were rebels and were swallowed up in the earth because they did not respect Moses and did not obey God (see May - Lesson - Korah's Rebellion on this blog). Grave consequences for not having respect for spiritual things and a disobedience towards God!

ACTIVITY:  "Be strong and of good courage" door hanger or wall picture.
Materials needed:  8" x 11" black construction paper, 7" x 10" special paper (could be wrapping paper, art paper, stationary, or any other pretty or unusual paper--I used leftover wall paper), 5" x 8" sheet of typing paper with the words "Be Strong And Of Good Courage" and "Joshua 1:6, 7, 9, 18" typed on it, 12" black yarn, glue, scissors, hole punch.

  1. Pass out black paper to students.
  2. Pass out special paper.
  3. Glue special paper on to black paper.
  4. Pass out typing paper with words on it.
  5. Glue typing paper in the middle of special paper.
  6. Hole punch two holes through the top of the papers. (Young students might need a little help with the hole punch and the thicknesses of paper.)
  7. Twist one end of yarn and feed through one hole.
  8. Tie the yarn in a tight knot. 
  9. Repeat with the other end of the yarn in the other hole.
  10. Optional: Then tie yarn in a bow on both sides. Might need a little extra yarn on both sides if tying yarn in bows.
  11. Trim yarn ends.
  12. This picture can hang on the student's door at home or on their wall to remind them to be like Joshua--strong and courageous!