Friday, August 1, 2014

A Personal Note - Thank You!

Dear Friends,

I want to humbly say thank you for all of your kind support over the past few months. Today marks the day that the blog has had over 5,000 hits. Only in existence since February 10th of 2014, I find that totally remarkable. All glory be to the Lord! Truly, numbers have never been important and play no part in the furthering of this blog, but they are an indicator that someone out there is reading the material, and for that--thank you!  

It is rewarding knowing that there are others in the world who realize that there is a tremendous need to teach children God's Word, teaching it simply and straight from the Bible. There is absolutely no substitute for the Bible. God can speak for Himself better that we can make up flowing speeches for Him. 

There have been interested people from many countries around the world, which pleases this blogger more than she can say. Thousands from the United States, many from Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Ukraine, Italy, Poland, Canada, China, and many more countries have been reading the 170 Bible lessons on this blog which I, personally, find encouraging and highly motivating!

Certainly, many other more knowledgeable, astute, and eloquent Christian women than I could fill the need of typing Bible lessons and sending them out to you, but we all do the best we can. We must pray for more opportunities, and then, when opportunity knocks, we must open the door!