Sunday, August 31, 2014

Review - Kings In Cups

After studying nearly forty lessons on King Saul, King David, and King Solomon, perhaps this would be a good time to review the many facts that we have learned about these three kings. It never hurts to review!

Children learn through play. While it might not be a healthy diet of constant fun and games for the serious Bible student, from time to time it is nice to play a game or two to see if the students are retaining what you are teaching them. Try this easy, inexpensive, and Biblical review game!

Visual Aid:  Large "cards" with questions about the kings, so that the students can duplicate the words on their own cards..

Materials needed:  three paper or plastic cups for each student, marker, 3" x 5" cards or paper cut to those dimensions, a pencil, and a sharp memory.

Directions For "Kings In Cups"

  1. Hand out three cups and a marker.
  2. The student may write one name "Saul," "David," and "Solomon" on each cup.
  3. Hand out 12-15 index cards to each student.
  4. The student writes the question that they see on your pre-written "card" on their small index card.
  5. Also, write the verse that answers the question on the back of the card.
  6. Finish writing all cards.
  7. How to play...

    • Stack the written cards face down in front of the three cups with one king's name on each cup.
    • A card is drawn, read out loud, and placed in the proper cup.
    • Continue until all cards are in cups.
    • Take the cards out of one cup and read out loud again to see if it is in the right cup. If there is any discrepancy, the student reads the verse on the back of the card.
    • There isn't any 'winning' to this game; it is simply a game to test the knowledge of the student.
    • Feel free to alter the rules and directions of this game!
    • Tuck all cards into stacked cups for easy take-home!
Sample Questions:

  1. Which king met the Queen of Sheba? (Solomon)
  2. Which king was taller than everyone? (Saul)
  3. Which king fought the Philistines all of his life? (Saul)
  4. Which king played the harp? (David)
  5. Which king had a good friend named Jonathan? (David)
  6. Which king killed a giant? (David)
  7. Which king built a temple for the LORD? (Solomon)
  8. Which king had a peaceful kingdom? (Solomon)
  9. Which king was kind to a past king's son who couldn't walk? (David)
  10. Which king threw javelins? (Saul)
  11. Which king spared King Saul's life? (David)
  12. Which king spared King Agag and lost his own kingdom? (Saul)
  13. Which king was jealous of David? (Saul)
  14. Which king was the wisest king? (Solomon)
  15. (Trick question because there are two answers!) Which king was anointed by Samuel? (Saul and David)
  16. Feel free to add many more!