Thursday, November 20, 2014

End Of The Old Testament Thoughts

After nine months and nine days, we have now completed our study on lessons through the entire thirty-nine books of the Old Testament. Within these 281 posts, we have studied many characters and have learned much about God's way and His wishes. He never wanted much...only the people's love and obedience. Even with many promises and rewards, the people disobeyed. We have learned that it must have been a difficult task for His children. They disobeyed more times than they obeyed; they suffered the consequences of their sins continually; they prayed to God for forgiveness, repenting of those sins; God would listen, have compassion, and help them; then the people would get comfortable and fall into sin again. A vicious cycle indeed! God was faithful, compassionate, and true, providing words of encouragement and judgment, yet His people never learned. 

The Old Testament was written for our learning (Romans 15:4). We can learn lessons that His people did not by reading and applying what we read to our lives. We can learn by their examples, whether they were good or bad. The fact that God's Word does not whitewash or put God's children in only a good light is an indicator that this book must be from God! Man certainly would have left out some of the bad! 

We will be beginning new children's Bible lessons in the New Testament soon. I will be taking a few days to organize my thoughts and creating a plan for these new exciting lessons. In the meantime, take a look through some of your favorite Old Testament lessons on this blog.  So many lessons, so little time! Thank you for studying with me. We still have much to teach our children!