Sunday, November 16, 2014

Words Of Encouragement Along The Way #13 - Quiet Study

Are you having trouble concentrating as you prepare for your Bible class? Is there too much noise in the room? Is there enough light? Are there too many interruptions? Are you thirsty? Maybe the problem is where you are studying and if you have prepared.yourself before you begin.

Key to any type of Bible study is preparation. Find a truly quiet place at a convenient, trouble-free time in which to begin your study. After you have gathered all the necessary materials, found the proper area, have adequate lighting, and have anticipated solutions to most of your interruptions, then you are ready to begin your study. 

It is always a good idea to begin your study with a prayer. Pray that God will help you as begin studying His Word. As a sincere seeker of Truth, God will hear your prayer and give you the strength and determination you need. 

Most importantly, study from your Bible. This may sound too simple, but occasionally we may need a reminder that we need a  BIBLE to study the Bible. The Bible is its own best commentary. A concordance may also be a helpful tool. 

Also needed is time. Not a few minutes here and there, but a purposed amount of time for a diligent study of God's Word. No one can set a time for you. You will know if you have studied  enough by how well you know your lesson.

And--don't give up! Your students need you! God expects you to be, not only prepared, but well prepared. You are needed to teach your students lifelong messages of God's truths. Let us be prepared as we teach the most important lessons of our lives. (Psalms 19:7-11).