Monday, November 3, 2014

LIST - Words of Encouragement Along The Way

Some say that when they go shopping, they take a list to help them remember. A dear sister in Christ used to cover the outside of her Bible with sticky notes to remind herself of things to do or things to say to people at Wednesday night Bible class. Myself? I make lists of places to go on a particular day, so I won't forget to do something. Perhaps, you do the same.

Tonight, I offer a list of a different kind--a list of encouraging words. After many months of blogging, there is much material accumulated and I believe it is difficult to find the Words Of Encouragement amid all the Lesson material on this blog, so presented on tonight's blog is a list of the Words of Encouragement articles found here on the blog. Simply find an article of interest, note the month it was written, then click on the month under "Blog Archive." 

Also, a special page has been created in hope that it will be easier to find all of these articles. Just look to your right of this article right now and you will find a special page entitled "SPECIAL  ARTICLES." Click on the article of choice.

Hopefully, you will find these writings beneficial, encouraging and read them when you need a gentle reminder to go back to the Bible for a Bible lesson, or for a simple thought to think about, or maybe for that encouraging pat on the back, as all Bible teachers need at one time or another. (This list will grow as articles are created. Keep checking!)

  1. March 2014                    Before The Lessons Begin
  2. March 2014                    Know It Well
  3. April 2014                       Answer, Yes!
  4. May 2014                       Serious Business
  5. June 2014                      Reaching Into The Home
  6. July 2014                        No Substitute For God's Word
  7. August 2014                   Are We That Someone?
  8. August 2014                   Are Numbers Important?
  9. August 2014                   Your Influence
  10. September 2014             You Can Feel Good About That!
  11. September 2014             Words Make A Difference!
  12. October 2014                  Background Thinking
  13. November 2014.             Quiet Study