Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Attendance Charts

Keeping track of the attendance of Bible students can be a very easy task with the right tools. The above picture of an Attendance Chart gives the Bible teacher an idea of the simple details needed for a workable chart.   By creating an uncomplicated table in a Word document, adding a few columns for certain data, and adding the student's name at the top of chart is all that is needed to record the attendance of an entire class within minutes. If a computer is not available, it may take a bit more time to create a chart using a ruler and black marker.  

Each week that a child is present, the child adds a sticker in the appropriate boxes to their own individual Attendance Chart.  I buy generic star stickers and Bible stickers at a craft store such as Michael's Arts & Crafts or Hobby Lobby. Children love stickers, stickers are easy to apply, and stickers are an easy answer to document the presence of children in Bible class! Stickers can be inexpensive and can create interest.  This is not a difficult project!

The Bible teacher can incorporate the theme of the lessons to include a matching Attendance Chart, using such themes as "The Life of Joseph," (Genesis 30-50), "The Christian Soldier " (Eph. 6:10-18), or "The Sermon on the Mount" (Mt. 5, 6, 7).  Bar graphs are also an option; however, they do take more time for the children to color.  Whatever method is used, Attendance Charts can encourage children to attend class, bring a Bible, and put some diligent study into their memory work. After all, that is the desire of the dedicated Bible teacher:  The presence of children in Bible class with Bibles under their arms and a head full of Bible knowledge!