Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lesson - Review - This Is What I Have Learned In Bible Class...So Far!

PURPOSE OF REVIEW:  Why have a review so early in the lesson material, you might ask? A reviewing of the past lessons will help the Bible teacher in many ways.  Here are a few of those ways:
  • It reinforces valuable information that the Bible teacher wants the students to learn.
  • It cements those important facts that have already been learned.  
  • If any student has been absent over any of the past few weeks, they can at least be introduced to the characters they might have missed.
  • As a way of evaluation of the teaching methods, it gives the Bible teacher an idea of what has been  beneficial and what has not been worthwhile.  
  • A review makes the students feel smart and want to learn even more.
LESSONS REVIEWED:  How Does God Talk To Us Today?  How Do We Talk To God? God Created Everything; Adam and Eve in the Garden; Sin in the Garden; Cain and Abel (Reference the lessons that are posted on this blog.)

VERSES:   Heb. 11:1, 2;  2 Tim. 3:16, 17;   Heb. 13:15;   Col. 3:17;   Mt. 6:12;   Mt. 7:7,8;   Gen. 1:1-31;   2:1-3;   2:4-25;   3:1-24;   4:1-16; 25

MEMORY VERSE REVIEW:   Ps. 119:105;   1 Thess. 5:17;   Gen. 1:1;    Gen 2:6;     Gen. 3:9

BOOKS REMEMBERED:   Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus

PRAYER:   Remember to thank God for the Bible which teaches everything God wants us to know. Be thankful for our good memories because we care able to remember imporrtant information from the Bible, so we can teach other people about God.

SPECIAL SONGS:   The B-I-B-L-E;   The Bible, the Bible;   Books of the Old Testament;   How Does God Talk To Us?;   Day 1, Day 1;   Jesus Loves Me;   The Family In God's Plan;   Adam and Eve In the Garden  

  1. On one side of a large (9" x 12") paper, write questions (see "Activity For Review" for questions below).
  2. On other side of paper, write the answers to the questions.
  3. When the lesson is over for the day, it is nice if these papers could be bound together with a spiral comb or at least stapled together and placed in the classroom for inquisitive minds.
Materials needed:  index cards--enough for a set of questions for each child to take home, pre-typed questions and answers with Bible verses on plain white paper, glue, scissors, rubber bands or envelopes.
  1. The Bible teacher types or writes questions and answers (separately) on paper a day or so in advance before the Bible class.
  2. Copy questions and answers so that each child will have their own copy.
  3. Choice of the following:  
  • Have children cut and glue questions on one side of index card and the answer on the other side of the card.  The Bible teacher must make certain the right answer matches the right question if you use this method.  Use the rubber band to hold the cards together or place them in an envelope.
  • ...OR...
  • The Bible teachers prepares all cards and simply hands out the rubber-banded sets at the end of class.  (An idea:  Perhaps use a point-system, like a game, by dividing the class into two teams to see who remembers more answers.)
Note: The Bible teacher might want to spend more time reviewing the questions over and over again to reinforce those questions and answers, depending on the students' memories. If they know the answers pretty well, then you might want to use the cut-and-glue method. If their memories are shaky, you might want to have more time to review the questions and answers.)

  1. How does God talk to us today?  The Bible
  2. How do we talk to God?  Pray
  3. How many books in the whole Bible?  66
  4. How many books in the Old Testament?  39
  5. How many books in the New Testament?  27
  6. What does the first book in the Bible, Genesis, mean?  Beginning
  7. Who created the heavens and the earth?  God
  8. What did God create on the first day?  Light
  9. What did God create on the second day?  Clouds and sky
  10. What did God create on the third day?  Flowers, grass, and trees
  11. What did God create on the fourth day?  Sun, moon, stars
  12. What did God create on the fifth day?  Birds, fish
  13. What did God create on the sixth day?  Animals, man, woman
  14. What did God do on the seventh day?  He rested
  15. How did God create woman?  He took Adam's rib and made woman.
  16. Of which tree did God command Adam and Eve NOT to eat?  The tree of knowledge of good and evil
  17. What was Adam's job?  Keep the garden and name the animals.
  18. What was Eve's job?  Help Adam.
  19. In the beginning, how did God water the earth?  A mist.
  20. Where did Adam and Eve live?  The Garden of Eden
  21. What was the name of the first man?  Adam
  22. What was the name of the first woman?  Eve
  23. What was the name of the first baby?  Cain
  24. What was the name of the second baby?  Abel
  25. What was the name of the third baby?  Seth
  26. Who killed Abel?  Cain
  27. What did Cain offer to God?  Fruit and vegetables
  28. What did Abel offer to God?  A sheep
  29. God respected which brother's offering?  Abel
  30. How do we know that Jesus loves us?  The Bible tells us so!
  31. Add more questions if you would like...