Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Visual Aids - #6 Timelines

Visual aids can come in different sizes and shapes.  Look around your classroom.  Is there a long, narrow, uncovered space that could become a timeline?  Timelines are great reminders to students in the class as to when something important happened.  The above timeline might have an older audience, but timelines can be made for the 9-11 year old students as well.  In fact, your students could help you with a timeline if they drew the pictures.  

A timeline can also serve as a "Review of Past Lessons." Hand out a sheet of 9" x 12" white construction paper to each child.  Instruct them to turn their papers "this way" and show them which direction each paper should be headed.  As review, assign each child a different title for their paper by passing out small slips of paper with the titles and Bible verses that you have chosen earlier.  As the children write their own special title that they have received at the top of the white construction paper in a "dark color", mention some of the highlights of past lessons. This should be enough to get the children to thinking about their particular Bible lesson. Remind them that they may only draw and color pictures that they have been assigned and can only draw something that pertains to their chosen title.  If you fail to mention those two important facts, somehow rocket ships and superheroes find their way into your Bible timeline! 

The timeline will last a lot longer if you decide to laminate it. Timelines may last many, many years when they are sealed with lamination or are encased in clear contact paper.  Lamination usually is a lot less expensive and a whole lot less trouble!  When your students are finished with the project and the timeline is or is not laminated, attach the pictures in order on your designated timeline area.  Do you think your students will enjoy seeing their own artwork serving as a Bible timeline?  I think so, too!