Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Words of Encouragement Along The Way #2 - Know It Well is the Bible class going? Hopefully, the students are anxious to come to Bible class and are learning much.  Hopefully, the Bible teacher is learning, too! 

However, maybe you are feeling a little stressed, unorganized, or maybe a little overwhelmed with your Bible class?  Are the students wiggling in their seats?  Does it seem like they are not focused, perhaps even being a distraction to others? Does it feel like 'forever' instead of forty-five minutes??  I might know the reason!

Are you spending time with your Bible lesson? (Eph. 5:16; Col. 4:5) Are you not only reading the verses, but studying them?  There is a difference! Reading can be done quickly and a person doesn't need to retain much, but studying is different. It takes time! Are you finding a quiet place to study with lots of light?  All those tips that we tell our children when they are doing their homework applies to all Bible teachers.That's what WE need: A quiet place, a comfortable chair, adequate lighting, radio off, the Bible and all materials beside you.  There is a method to good study habits even when studying the Bible.  

Maybe you know the lesson, but do you know it well?  You need to know your lesson so well that it's like breathing. Not just a "casual read", but diligent studying and remembering. Good studying takes time. Remember: How can you teach what you do not know? Are you using the visual aids to the best of your ability?  Visual aids cannot only help the children remember the story, but it can help you tell the story with ease, knowing where you are going next. When you are able to explain the lesson well, the students are involved, there is little time for wiggling in their seats when they are focused, and when they are focused, there is learning.

Are you organized?  Let's say that you have studied and know the lesson well. Do you prepare in advance?  Do you gather materials early in the week for the visual aid and the activity?  Are the Memory Verse slips of paper prepared before you come to class?  Before you enter the classroom, have you chosen and practiced the songs?  Are the papers for the Book To Remember prepared early?  Being a successful Bible teacher does take work. (Heb. 6:12; Jas. 1:22) Once you discover the routine that works for you, things will go well. You will feel confident when you are organized. Be determined to succeed. (Hos. 4:6) Your Bible class can be working like a clock in no time! Study! Prepare! Teach!