Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Extra Helps #8 - Celebrating The Search Box

Surely, you agree that from time to time it is good to learn something new, something that will make our everyday life easier. It may not even be the latest invention, but it is something new to us. I, personally, have discovered the benefits of an apple slicer recently. Yes, some may consider this kitchen tool frivolous and unnecessary, but finding it on sale and having the task of cutting an apple every day for the past two or three years intrigued me. Now, three weeks later, I wonder why I had never been tempted to purchase a tool like this before! I have learned something new, I have found something to make my life easier, and, unlike most things in this life, it was relatively inexpensive. I am convinced that my apple slicer has made life easier.

I offer to my blogging friends that same kind of sudden and profound realization that there is something that can make your life easier on this blog. I gently and kindly suggest the idea of the SEARCH BOX. The search box is offered to you as a convenient, efficient, and quick way to find the information that you are searching for on the blog. The search box is not the latest invention, but it is simple to use, will make your blogging life easier, and it is free

Finding the box on the webpage may be the hardest part of this process. Here is a picture of the blogging screen. (Tried to print screen it, but it did not work. Hopefully, this will be sufficient.) See if you can locate the search box.

Yes! That is it on the right side of the screen in blue. It is that long white box. You found it! Whew! That was the hard part! Now, simply type a word in the box, such as a Bible character's name or a word associated with the story you need and 'enter.'  In a matter of seconds, you will have information! Songs work in this same manner, as well as bulletin boards, and visual aids. Technology is simply amazing! Hope this information has been helpful to at least one friend out there. May we all continue to search the scriptures daily (Acts 17:11).