Friday, September 12, 2014

Words Of Encouragement Along The Way #10 - You Can Feel Good About That!

After many months of teaching Bible class, you now have experience! You have an idea how long it will take to teach the lesson itself, how many songs to sing, how much time to allot for the take-home project, and how long it will take for the students to get the 'wiggles' out! 

While we know that Bible teaching is not always about our own feelings, but more about what pleases God, is there something in which we can be proud, something that may be different now than it was when we first began teaching the Bible to children? What can you feel good about as you look back on your Bible-teaching 'career?'

  • You have taught your students the Books of the Bible! Think back to that first Bible lesson. How many Old Testament books did the majority of your class know by heart? How many do they know now? You can feel good about that!
  • Perhaps you have heard your Bible students spontaneously singing a Bible song as they completed the art project. Did you teach them that song? Did you write that song? You can feel good about that!
  • Do you have a student who had never darkened the door of a Bible class before they came to your Bible class? Did they continue to come? You can feel good about that!
  • Maybe you have very young students and everything they know about God and the Bible is what you have taught them. Do they know the answers to simple, foundation questions? You can feel good about that!
  • Or perhaps you have older students who never knew even one memory verse before being required to learn one in your Bible class. How many can they quote now? You can feel good about that!
  • Do you teach multiple age groups in your Bible class? What a difficult, time-consuming job it can be creating age-appropriate material for each age group! Are they learning?You can feel good about that!
  • Now you look at children through different eyes. You see their potential and the possibilities of their spiritual growth if you only had the opportunity of teaching them the Bible. You have acquired the eye of a Bible teacher! You can feel good about that!
  • Remember back to that first day with your students. Remember how they were nervous and anxious about a new teacher. They did not know you well. How do they feel about you now? Do they look forward to Bible class? Do they participate in class? Are they happy to be right where they are--learning the wonderful stories of the Bible? You can feel good about that!
  • Have you, personally, developed good study habits since you have begun teaching a Bible class? Have you grown in your own personal Bible study, preparing to teach others? Do you know more Bible lessons and verses than you have in your entire life? You can feel good about that!
  • Can you say that God is pleased with your efforts? Could He say that you are walking in the steps of his faithful servant, Moses or David or Elijah? Is your heart where it should be? Are you doing your best? You can feel good about that!
There are many, many blessings in teaching God's Word! We need to look for the good in this life and pursue every opportunity that comes our way to teach His ways to others. Keep on keeping on! (John 8:31, 32).