Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lesson - Joash Repairs The Temple

VERSES:   2 Kings 12:1-21 and 2 Chronicles 24:1-27

MEMORY VERSE:   2 Kings:12:2   "And Joash did that which was right in the sight of the LORD all his days wherein Jehoida the priest instructed him."

BOOK TO REMEMBER:   Nahum.  Write "Nahum" on small slips of paper and hand out at the end of class.

PRAYER:   We pray that we may always choose our friends wisely and stay close to that which is good.

SPECIAL SONG:   Read, Read Every Day (see February - Songs We Sing In Bible Class #1 on this blog)

VISUAL AID:   Make a large Activity (see below)


  • Last time we studied about Joash, we learned how he was only seven years old when he was anointed as king of Judah by Jehoida, the priest. The people were so relieved that Athaliah, the queen, had died and was no longer in charge of their land. They were also happy that the kingdom was back under the rule of a descendant or family member of King David. So Joash grew up under Jehoida's love and care because all of his family had died at the hand of his grandmother, Athaliah.  Jehoida took good care of Joash and taught him the ways of God. Joash learned to love God with his whole heart.
  • Joash served as king of Judah for forty years. He loved and served God most of his life. He did good things for the LORD, but after Jehoida died, it was a different Joash than what we have studied. 
  • As Joash grew up and got older, he noticed that the temple of the LORD was not being taken care of very well. In King Solomon's day, the temple was beautiful and had silver and gold and many valuable treasures, but through the years and the battles with different nations, it did not look beautiful anymore and all the valuable gold and silver was taken out of the temple. Queen Athaliah's sons had also broken the temple of the LORD and taken out valuables.  Joash wanted to repair the temple and make it nice again.
  • Joash had ordered that the priests to go through the land and ask the people for money, but it was a very slow process. Then the king had another idea! He had Jehoida get a box, or a "chest" is what they called it, and make a hole in it. Then they placed the chest at the door of the tabernacle and when the people would come in, then they would put money in the box.
  • Now, you might not think that people would want to give up their own money very easily, but they did! In face, everyone was happy and glad and brought a lot of money to the temple and placed it in the chest. The chest got very full of gold and silver. The people brought SO much money and put it in the chest that the high priest and the scribe had to empty the chest and put it in bags. Then they paid men to come in and work on the temple and make it better. There were carpenters, people that worked with iron and stone, others were builders. There were somethings that were not done such as making trumpets and snuffers and things that were made of gold and silver, but still through Joash's good idea and faithfulness to God, they repaired the temple of the LORD. 
  • Now, the bad part of the story. Jehoida was getting older, too, and finally died at 130 years old! That's old! Joash was now grown and on his own. He could have done good things or bad things. He could have served the LORD or not. The sad news is that Joash listened to the young princes of Judah and abandoned the house of the LORD. Joash did not remember the good advice and teachings that Jehoida had given him. He did not even remember Jehoida's kindness and love. Joash did many things that God did not approve of and Joash died not being faithful to God.

"Older Student" Points:
  • We always need to remain faithful to God no matter what happens to us or how much people persuade us in a negative way. We need to stay close to God and His Word. We will be glad we did!
ACTIVITY:   Joash Repairs The Temple
Materials needed:  a small box for every student, wrapping paper, gold scrap paper, marker, glue, tape, scissors.

  1. Note:  The Bible Teacher may want to wrap the boxes in advance if the students' hands are small. 
  2. Hand out box.
  3. Hand out wrapping paper, cut to size of box.
  4. Wrap box.  Let the older students wrap their own box. Does it matter what it looks like? No! ...and they are SO proud of everything they do!
  5. Using a marker, draw lines to resemble wood all over box.
  6. Very carefully, cut a slot in the box. (Teacher might want to poke the hole in the box for the students.)
  7. The paper will come off of the slot, so glue the flap and press the apper down.
  8. Write "Joash Repairs The Temple" and "2 Chronicles 8:8-14" on the box.
  9. Hand out gold scrap.
  10. Cut all different sized circles that will fit in slot of box.