Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lesson - Jeroboam's Deeds and Consequences

VERSES:   1 Kings 14:1-20

MEMORY VERSE:   1 Kings 14:16   "And he shall give Israel up, because of the sins of Jeroboam, who did sin, and who made Israel to sin."

BOOK TO REMEMBER:  One more time, review the books of the Old Testament from Genesis to Esther as a class with everyone reciting with one voice. 

PRAYER:   Pray that we will keep our hearts pure by doing those things the Bible says to do.

SPECIAL SONG:   The Bible, The Bible (see February - Songs We Sing In Bible Class #2 on this blog)

VISUAL AID:   Draw a large Activity (see below) on the whiteboard or chalkboard, writing things about Jeroboam as you tell the story.

  • Jeroboam, the son of Nebat, did many terrible and wicked things in his life, but, in God's eyes, the worst thing he did was he caused the kingdom of Israel to sin by leading them into idolatry. God had been good to Jeroboam and had raised him up, choosing him out of all the people to make a prince over all of God's people. God tore away the kingdom from the house of David and gave the kingdom of Israel to Jeroboam to rule. But Jeroboam was not like David who was God's servant and kept God's commandments. David had followed God with all of his heart and only wanted to do what was right in God's sight. But not Jeroboam. Jeroboam did wicked and evil deeds.
  • One day Abijah, Jeroboam's son, got very sick. Jeroboam told his wife to disguise herself and pretend that she was not his wife and go to Shiloh to find Ahijah, God's prophet. (How about that? Those names rhyme, don't they? Ahijah, the prophet, and Abijah, Jeroboam's son!) So Jeroboam's wife took a few presents to Ahijah because she wanted to know what was going to happen to the child.
  • God knows everything, doesn't He? God told Ahijah that Jeroboam's wife was coming to see him , but she would pretend to be someone else.  While Ahijah's eyes couldn't see very well anymore because he was old, God told him what he needed to know. He told Ahijah what to say, too. God said to tell Jeroboam's wife to tell Jeroboam that God was the one to set Jeroboam up as the ruler of His people and that Jeroboam had done much evil in return. Jeroboam had made molten images or idols for the people to worship and had made God very angry! Why? Because God was a jealous God and He only wanted the people to worship Him and not any other god or golden statue! God had always commanded the people not to have any idols, didn't He? 
  • God went on to say that, because of Jeroboam's sin, God was going to take the kingdom away from Jeroboam and all of his descendants would die until there was no more of Jeroboam's family left in the world. (1 Kings 15:29) Then, God told Jeroboam's wife to get up, go back to her own house because as soon as she entered the city, the child would die. God said that all of Israel would mourn for Jeroboam's son and bury him, but Abijah would be the only one of Jeroboam's family who would have a proper burial. God said that, because of Israel's sin of idolatry and not loving and clinging to God anymore, He was going to give them up-all because of Jeroboam's influence!
  • There would be many kings to follow Jeroboam and rule in his place, but Jeroboam would be the one to whom all others would be compared. 
  • Everything that comes from God is true. As soon as Jeroboam's wife entered the city, the Bible says that the child died. True again were Ahijah's words when he said that all Israel would mourn for him. God always tells the truth. Always.
  • Jeroboam ruled as Israel's king for 22 years and then he died.
"Older Student" Tips:
  • In the Old Testament times, and sometimes even today, fathers have always wanted at least one son to carry on the father's name. When God said that Jeroboam's family would not continue, it was devastating to Jeroboam, especially to a king who wanted his name and sons to live on forever.
  • As the kings did good or evil, they are always compared to David for being good and Jeroboam being evil. We will notice this in coming lessons.
ACTIVITY:   "Jeroboam Caused Israel To Sin"
Materials needed:  9" x 12" blue construction paper, scrap of gold paper, 2" x 12" red construction paper, marker, glue, scissors.

  1. Hand out blue paper.
  2. Hand out red paper.
  3. Write "Jeroboam Caused Israel To Sin!" on the red paper.
  4. Glue red paper across the top of the blue paper.
  5. Cut a 2" x 3" rectangle piece of gold paper.
  6. Glue rectangle to the bottom middle of the blue paper.
  7. Cut a calf out of the leftover gold paper.
  8. Glue calf to gold rectangle.
  9. Scattered around the blue paper, write "Jeroboam did evil in God's eyes." and "Jeroboam led Israel to idolatry." and "Jeroboam was the son of Nebat." and "Jeroboam made two calves of gold, one in Dan and one in Bethel."