Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Gentle Reminder - Older Posts

After so many nights of blogging, I wonder if there are those who may be new to this blogging community and might not be sure if they understand how a blog works. 

Before I dove into this wonderful world, I knew very little about the fact that the 'first' blogs are at the bottom of the entire blog. What this means is that there are many blogs at the bottom of this particular blog that show
  • a new Bible teacher effective ways to prepare their Bible classroom
  • how Bible teachers should prepare themselves for this teaching endeavor
  • how to set up a Bible Class Schedule
  • how to decorate the room with themes, ideas for visual aids, attendance charts and songs. 
So, tonight, I encourage you all to check out the bottom of this blog to see many 'old' ideas that may be 'new' to you!  Simply keep scrolling to the bottom of the page you are viewing and click on "Older Posts" and continue to do the same until there are no more "Older Posts" to click. Perhaps an easier way to reach the bottom is to go to and click on February's blogs in the Archive File on the right of the page. 

There is great information that will help all become better prepared, better organized, and may be even encouraged a little more! Thanks for reading! Take a look and share!