Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lesson - David's Troubles

VERSES:   1 Samuel 21-23

MEMORY VERSE:   ! Samuel 23:15   "And David saw that Saul was come out to seek his life..."

BOOK TO REMEMBER:   It is good to review all 66 books of the Bible.

PRAYER:   In our difficult times, let us always remember to talk to God through prayer. He listens to His children's prayers.

SPECIAL SONG:   Be Careful Little Eyes (see March - Songs We Sing In Bible Class #3 on this blog)

VISUAL AID:  Whiteboard or chalkboard (see directions under Activity below)


  • After David left King Saul's house and left his good friend, Jonathan behind, he had many difficult times ahead of him. His life was always in danger, so he had to very cautious in what he was doing. 
  • There were times... 
    • when David was hungry and had to eat the show bread which was an unusual thing to do,
    • when David was without a weapon and had to use Goliath's sword,
    • when David pretended to be crazy to escape the Philistines, 
    • when David had to live in a cave and all the unfortunate people came to be with him and the number of people  grew to about 400,
    • when David had to ask the king of Moab to watch over his mother and father so they could be safe,
    • when people like a man named Doeg told King Saul where David was staying, making David feel responsible for the 85 priests that Doeg went and killed for being nice to David,
    • when David had to flee into the wilderness to escape King Saul.
  • All of these hard times David endured and survived, all while King Saul was trying to find out where David was, so that he could kill David. King Saul knew that the LORD had left him and now was with David, yet King Saul still wanted to kill David. David never tried to kill King Saul. David's way of staying away from a bad situation with the king was to run to a different place. David knew King Saul had been anointed by God, so David never tried to hurt the king.
  • We have studied about someone else in our lessons who was in a difficult situation and decided to run away and leave his coat rather than go against God's Will. Do you remember who it was that we studied about? That's right! Joseph! We should be like David and Joseph when we find ourselves in stressful times or in times of great temptation. There's nothing wrong in going somewhere else to get away from sinning! Just get up and go! 

"Older Student" Tips:

  • There are harder times ahead for David which we read about in our Bibles. Let us learn valuable lessons from this good young man who was after God's own heart. Read 1 Samuel 13:13, 14;  and Acts 13:22. David loved God above all others. We should, too.
  • David was a leader. Even when he was running for his life, there were people who could see that the LORD was with him and wanted to be near David, too. Read 1 Samuel 22:1, 2 and 1 Samuel 23:13 to see that the number of people who were following David was growing.

ACTIVITY:    Hard Times For David
Materials needed:   index cards, markers, 9" x 12" piece of any color construction paper, stapler, staples.

  1. Hand out index cards.
  2. Write the beginning half of a sentence on the whiteboard or chalkboard. )See sentences below.) On one index card, the students will copy what you write.
  3. When they have all finished the beginning half of a sentence, erase the board and write the ending half of the sentence on the board for all to see.
  4. Students copy the ending half of the sentence on another index card.
  5. Repeat until all sentences are written.
  6. Hand out the any color construction paper.
  7. Write "Hard Times For David and "1 Samuel 21-23" on the front of the pocket.
  8. Before leaving class, have the students mix their own cards up and them match them up again.
  9. Each student will put their cards in their pocket to take home and practice with their parents or anyone who wants to play.
  10. Sample Sentences: (Feel free to add more sentences. 

  • David was hungry and / had to eat the show bread.

  • David was without a weapon and / had to use Goliath's sword.

  • David pretended to be crazy / to escape the Philistines. 

  • David had to live in a cave and / 400 people came to him.

  • David had to ask the king of Moab / to watch over his mother and father.

  • People would tell King Saul / where David was staying.

  • David had to flee / into the wilderness.