Monday, July 14, 2014

Lesson - Saul Becomes King

VERSES:   1 Samuel 9:1-10:27

MEMORY VERSE:   1 Samuel 10:23   "...and when he stood among the people, he was higher than any of the people from his shoulders and upward."

BOOK TO REMEMBER:   Review the 66 books of the Bible. Perhaps, the Bible teacher would like to write the name of the books on paper large enough for in the class to see. Hold up a paper and ask, "Old Testament or New Testament?"  The Bible teacher might even divide the class and keep points on the whiteboard.  Winner receives attention and praise. (No prizes needed).

PRAYER:   We pray that we might always honor our leaders, whether they are our teachers or principal or policemen or government officials. We obey them until they tell us to do something that is not right in the Bible, then we obey God first. (Romans 13:1-2).

SPECIAL SONG:   Gideon (see March - Songs We Sing In Bible Class #4 on this blog).

VISUAL AID:   Whiteboard or chalkboard drawing of Saul, taller than any of the other people. (See Activity below).


  • There was a man who was from the tribe of Benjamin whose name was Kish and he was a mighty man of valor. Do we remember someone else whom we have studied who was a mighty man of valor?  That's right! Gideon was a mighty man of valor just like Kish! Kish had a son whose name was Saul. Saul was avery handsome young man and something was unusual about Saul. He was head and shoulders taller than any of the people. 
  • One day, Kish's donkeys were lost and he told his son, Saul, to take one of the servants with him and go search for them. Saul searched many places, but he did not find them. After while, Saul realized that they had been gone quite a long time and that, not only would his father worry about the lost donkeys, but he would worry about him, too. Saul told his servant that there was a man of God who lived in the little town close by who could tell them which way they should go to find the donkeys. They figured out a small present to bring the prophet, or back then he was called a seer, and looked for him. 
  • As they went up a hill, they found young girls who were drawing water and asked them where the prophet lived. The young girls told Saul to hurry and told him where to find him. When they went into the city, there was a man who came out to meet Saul and his servant. Do you know who it was? It was Samuel! The LORD had told Samuel the day before that there would be a man out of the tribe of Benjamin who Samuel would make king over God's people. When Samuel saw Saul, the LORD spoke to Samuel and said that Saul was the one the LORD had chosen to rule over His people  He would be the king!
  • When Saul got closer to Samuel as he stood by the gate of the city, Saul asked him where the prophet's house was because Saul did not know that this man was Samuel. Samuel then said that he was the prophet and that they would eat together that day and then Saul could go home the next day. Samuel also told Saul not to worry about the donkeys because they were found. 
  • Samuel then took Saul and his servant into the parlor and made him sit in the best seat and gave him good food. After eating, Saul went with Samuel and talked up on the top of Samuel's roof which probably had a flat roof. Early the next morning as Saul was going back to his home, Samuel walked with Saul and his servant to the edge of the city. When they got there, Samuel took out a vial of oil and poured it on Saul's head and told him that the LORD had anointed him to be king over Israel. Samuel then told Saul many things that would happen to him on his way home that day before they happened and they happened just the way Samuel told Saul it would. When Saul arrived home, he told no one about how he was to be king over Israel. 
  • In the meantime, Samuel had gathered the people together and had told them that God had chosen their king. He then told them to come together by their tribes and the tribe of Benjamin was chosen. From the tribe of Benjamin, the family of Kish was chosen and from the family of Kish, Saul was chosen, but---Saul  was missing! Samuel asked the LORD where he was and the LORD told him, so some of the people ran and brought him back among the people where he stood head and shoulders above everyone. Samuel told the people to take a look at their king. Saul was like none other and the LORD had chosen him. The people all shouted, "God save the king!" Samuel then wrote everything that had happened in a book and sent the people back to their homes. 
  • Everything was not wonderful, though, because when Saul went back to his house, there was a group of men who were not pleased at the LORD's choice in kings and the Bible says they hated Saul. Saul held his peace, though, and he didn't say anything at all.

"Older Student" Tips:

  • People from the tribe of Benjamin always thought that they were the least important tribe. Perhaps this was because Benjamin was the baby of Jacob's family or perhaps there was another reason. Whatever the reason, they never thought they were good enough to have important things happen to them, but this time they were wrong. God had chosen the first king of Israel to come out of the tribe of Benjamin.

ACTIVITY:   King Saul can be seen!
Materials needed:  9" x 12" blue construction paper, 4" x 6" tan construction paper, two 3" tan construction paper circles, 3" x 4" yellow construction paper, crayons, glue, scissors.

  1. Hand out blue paper. Set aside.
  2. Hand out 4" x 6" tan paper.
  3. Draw Saul from the shoulders up.
  4. Cut out Saul.
  5. Hand out yellow paper.
  6. Trace Saul's body only on yellow paper.
  7. Cut out Saul'. This is Saul's shirt.
  8. Glue shirt on Saul.
  9. Glue Saul in the middle of blue paper.
  10. Hand out two circles to each student.
  11. Cut circles in half.
  12. Glue half-circles to bottom edge of blue paper on either side of Saul. These are the people's heads.
  13. Color hair, eyes, and eyebrows only on half-circles. (See picture).
  14. Write 'Saul Becomes King!" and "1 Samuel 9, 10" at the top of blue paper.
  15. Write "Saul" with an arrow pointing to Saul on blue paper.
  16. Write "Taller than everyone" and "Handsome" and "Chosen by God" and "Kish's Son" around Saul on blue paper.