Thursday, July 3, 2014

Extra Helps #4 - Teaching Materials Pantry

Over the past five months that this blog has been in existence, almost every night we have had an Activity. We have made felt boards, towers, rods, buckets, trumpets, fishing poles, clouds, tents, donkeys, snakes, and many scenes of landscape. It occurred to me that it might be a good idea to have a list of materials to have on hand, so that a Bible teacher might be a little more prepared when the need arises. 

With blogging almost every night, I tend to make the activities with items that I have on hand, but you might not have in your home. So, here is a part of an ongoing list that I may add to on occasion. Must you have these items? Of course not! Improvisation is an admirable quality in a Bible teacher. If you find something that looks very interesting and you are tempted not to throw it away, keep it a while to see if it will come in handy. 

A few of the items we have used in the past, and may possibly use again, are:

  1. construction paper
  2. butcher paper
  3. typing paper
  4. index cards
  5. cellophane
  6. tissue paper
  7. felt
  8. cardboard
  9. fabric
  10. sticks
  11. magnet
  12. paper clips
  13. twine
  14. cord
  15. yarn
  16. colorful printed napkins
  17. aluminum foil
  18. leftover lamination
  19. cotton
  20. paper plates
  21. paper cups
  22. small boxes
  23. pipe cleaners
  24. fasteners
  25. small plastic frogs
  26. small plastic snakes
  27. old towels or cloths
  28. shiny paper