Friday, July 4, 2014

A Teacher's Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

As I accept this great challenge before me, I thank You for the opportunity that I have to inspire, motivate, and teach impressionable children Your Truth. In a world that needs Light so desperately, I pray that the students in my care realize at a young age that they are able to turn the world upside-down as long as they speak solely from Your Word and separate themselves from man-made ideas and opinions. May I hold the Bible up for them to see, to treasure, and to hold dear their entire lives.

Thank you for giving me the confidence in myself to believe that I am capable of influencing these children in a positive way. May I increase in my ability and knowledge to handle this task and in the enthusiasm to encourage. May I please You with my desire to teach Your Word and teach it with a pure heart and in an easy and simple manner. I pray that I might set Your Word above all others and may the students see how important it is in my life and will be in their lives. 

Thank you for the trust that the parents have put in me to teach their children Your ways. I pray for the parents of the students in the Bible class that they may also see a tremendous need to teach and guide their own children with Your Word.  May I also set a positive example in the eyes of the parents, so that unbelieving parents might be led to Christ.

Be with me, LORD. Guide me with Your Truth and let me show my love for You by doing Your Will.  Forgive me where I fail. May I always stay close to Your Word and hide it in my heart.

In Your Son's Name, I pray.