Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bible Class Schedule - #8 Encouragement

After the activity is completed, encourage the students to clean up, put on their coats and sweaters, retrieve their Bibles, and get ready to leave the classroom. If there is time, ask a few questions about the lesson to keep the important points fresh in their minds.  Encourage them to come back the next week.

As you send these precious ones back out into the world, think back upon the class.  How did it go today?  What went well?  How could you improve?  Remember to pray, thanking God for sending these little ones to you to teach and asking Him to bring them back again!  (Matthew. 21:22; 1 John. 5:14) 

You have done well!  Just think!  What is the very best part?  You get to do it again next week!  Pray for an opportunity and God will provide.  (Luke. 11:9, 10)