Sunday, February 23, 2014

Classroom Enhancement - The Walls - Border

Decorating your Bible classroom can be enjoyable, but a higher priority is to make sure your room is Bible-oriented.  It is the Bible lessons that are important. (1 Pet. 4:11) The only truly necessary ingredients for a great Bible study are a dedicated, knowledgeable Bible teacher, a student who wants to learn, and the Bible.  The ideas that are presented here on these “Classroom Enhancement” blogs are only suggestions to help make your Bible classroom the best it can be and are entirely optional.

Sometimes it is the small, trivial things that make the bigger picture look better!  Such is the case with bulletin board border.  Border is intended to cover and hide the rough edges of butcher paper or fadeless paper on a wall or bulletin board.  It polishes whatever is put on the wall, grouping the visual aids, like-items, or charts in a designated area, so that it gives the wall a professional look.

Bulletin board border can be purchased at a school supply store or sometimes an office supply store.  By buying border that is already cut, colored, and laminated, it is easy, fast, and convenient.  However, like all things in life, the easier, quicker, and more convenient usually have a higher price tag; it is no different with border.

Perhaps you would like to choose to create your own border and save a little money.  Any type of construction paper, gift-wrapping paper, fabric, or poster board may be used as a border by simply cutting the paper into strips and then stapling the strips around the intended bulletin board or wall.  When border is created like this, there are many choices from which to choose, and it can be customized to the theme of the lessons.  For example, if you are creating a Creation bulletin board (Gen. 1), you might cut strips of black paper for border and add small pictures of the sun, clouds, fish, trees, etc. on top of the strips to create your own customized border.  The effect of a customized border can be stunning!