Saturday, February 22, 2014

Classroom Enhancement - The Walls - Paper

Believing that everything in a Bible classroom should be there for a reason, take another look at your classroom walls.  We have already addressed the fact that the environment should be clutter-free and clean; so now that you are standing in the middle of your room, think about how this classroom can help you in your Bible teaching efforts.  How can you create an environment in this room to instill a desire in your students to want to come and learn more from God’s Word?  Here are a few ideas that perhaps you can alter here and there to help make your room one in which children are always eager to return.  (Ps. 122:1) 

To paper or not to paper?  Did you know that there are two types of paper available to cover your walls?  Both types, butcher paper and fadeless art paper, can improve the decorative quality of your walls.  Is this required to teach young children the Bible?  No, definitely not, but it can create interest and curiosity which will only help reinforce Bible lessons. 

Butcher paper is ideal if you plan on changing your themes often.  It is relatively inexpensive, comes in a variety of colors and can be flameproof if that is required in your local fire district.  The main drawback to this type of paper is that it does fade, sometimes quicker than you would like.  Fadeless art paper is just that—fade less.  It will fade in time, but it can last up to three years on your walls. It is a bit more expensive than butcher paper.  If you opt to change the fadeless paper often, it is most likely due to the fact that you have grown tired of the colors, so you might choose your colors wisely.  It is helpful if the colors are able to transcend themes.

Are there alternatives to paper?  Some teachers do not like to staple paper on their walls and they are content with painted walls.  Others decide that fabric is a covering that will last a long time.  Some will make small, assorted bulletin boards around the room; some will cover the entire four walls.  Whatever avenue you choose as a backdrop for Bible lessons, try to make it cheery and inviting!