Friday, February 14, 2014

Bible Class Schedule - #2 Greeting

Have you ever been warmly greeted by someone who you felt was truly glad to see you?  Could you feel their sincerity?  That kind of warm greeting should be the goal of the Bible teacher!  No one should be happier to see a Bible student coming to study the Bible than a Bible teacher!  Show them how happy you are by giving them a few moments of personal attention in this short allotment of time of approximately five minutes.

Remember that most children will reflect the tone that you have set for your classroom.  If you are genuinely happy to see your students, they will most often be happy to see you, too.  Tell them that you are glad that they have chosen to learn about God by coming to Bible class on that particular day.  Ask them if they have brought their Bible to class.  Again, reinforce the feeling of approval by smiling and praising them for their good memories.

During this time, let the students put their coats or sweaters on the back of their chairs, so that they are comfortable when they learn.  Their Bibles may be placed on the table in front of them, showing their pride in God’s
Word.  Now, they are ready to learn!  (Psalms 119:18, 105)