Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Visual Aids - #2 Drawing

Imagine this:  An uneasy Bible teacher is drawing a picture on the chalkboard. She has never claimed to be an artist; in fact, she is definitely not an artist, yet she continues drawing.  The children watch her draw.  When she is finished, the teacher says, "This is a horse." That is when something wonderful happens! The children believe. They never question. They accept. That is when another wonderful thing happens:  The teacher becomes more confident.  

This teacher could be you!  Marking with dry erase markers on a whiteboard, chalking with colored chalk on a chalkboard, or drawing with crayons on a large piece of paper are all examples of visual aids and you are the artist, perhaps with simple abilities, but an artist just the same. Never let your lack of confidence keep you from trying to help the children visualize a Bible lesson!  The children will always be on your side!  God is on your side!  (Ps. 118:6;  Rom. 8:31)  YOU should be on your side, too!