Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Setting Up A Bible Classroom - Part 2

Using A Room To Help You Teach

The learning environment makes such a difference in how well students stay focused! Can you imagine the difference in studying in a dark, cluttered, dust-covered classroom and a bright, organized, clean classroom?  Of course, you can!  Take a detached look around the room in which you are to study.  Is it dirt-free?  How long has it been since everything had a good cleaning?  Before you begin your class, make certain that you have swept or vacuumed, dusted all the cupboards, washed the table, chairs and curtains and even washed down the walls if it is needed.  It is amazing how a clean classroom will make you and your students feel like learning!

Next, how about organization?  Do you have too much furniture in a small room?  Downsize!  Take a look in the cupboards.  Are they organized, so that at a moment’s notice, you can reach in and retrieve a needed item without rummaging?  Look at the walls.  Cover any ‘bad” places with butcher paper and border.  Where is the clock?  Can you see it from where you stand or sit when you are teaching?  How about the children’s table?  Is it situated in a way that is helpful for learning?  Are the children able to see the maps, chalkboard, or visual aid?  It is helpful to have room to walk freely around the table, especially with small children.  Are there enough chairs or benches for every child to have a place to sit?  Is there an adult chair for you? 

These questions may seem trivial, but they are truly beneficial thoughts in order to plan a smooth, successful Bible study. (1 Cor. 14:40).  Plan for success!  (Prov. 29:18)