Friday, February 21, 2014

Extra Helps - Memory Verses, Bookmarks, And Letters

There are a few “extras” that I have not mentioned in past blogs that I find useful in the Bible classroom, and I believe that you, too, could find them useful for Bible learning.   Memory Verses!  How wonderful it is when a young child can quote a verse by heart from the Bible.  By doing so, one knows that the child has been encouraged somewhere along the way, and that the child has a desire to learn.   Is there something better in this world to memorize than God’s Word? (John 12:48; Heb. 13:8) I like to record this growth by recording the verses learned on a chart.  Everyone who comes into the room knows that the Bible is being taught in your classroom by the charts displayed and, better yet, know that children are learning!  The verses do not need to be lengthy.  A short verse or even part of a verse that applies to your lesson is appropriate.  (Ps. 119:11)
Another helpful idea is to use bookmarks.  I buy my bookmarks online because they are inexpensive and come right to my mailbox.  I prefer Learning Bookmarks rather than only cute ones.  Cute bookmarks can be earned in public school, but Learning Bookmarks are given freely at Bible school.  “The Books of the Bible” is a good example of a Learning Bookmark.  The bookmark can stay in the child’s Bible and is able to mark the lesson selection each week.  Bookmarks are very helpful to students who are learning to read or who are new to studying the Bible and may be having trouble finding the books in the Bible. Another idea is to direct your students to write a Bible verse (such as 2 Tim. 2:15) on a strip of thick index paper and have it laminated for durability. This, also, will work well.
A delightful tool in encouraging young students is writing letters to them and mailing them through the postal service.  In a time when everything is emailed or sent home with the student, it is refreshing to use this avenue of communication.  It is highly effective and pleasing to the student as well.  At the beginning of each term, I write a letter to the parents, thanking them for giving me the opportunity of studying the Bible with their child.  I talk about a few highlights of the weeks to come and encourage the parents to review the lessons with their child each time they come home from Bible Class.  It is amazing how far a few kind words can go!  (Eph. 4:32) Write as you would speak to the child’s parents, reassuring them that you will do your very best to teach God’s Word simply and truthfully.